2015 Project


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  • QMTW has adopted a county road for trash pick-up to benefit our community and the environment.

  • It is only a two year agreement, but QMTW will extend this agreement for several more years.

  • August 25th the road crew picked up 250 lbs of trash

  • Our next trash pick up is scheduled n November 2015





  • Purchased 1500 trees that were given away to employees and the community. 

      – These trees at maturity, will re-forest 2.2 acres, or make a single row windbreak 2.18 miles long.

  • On April 24, in celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Day QMTW donated 250 trees to Columbus Parks Department.

  • On April 25, Arbor Day, QMTW  hosted a tree give-away in front of the main office.

  • On April 26, Earth Day, QMTW distributed free trees at the Bartholomew County Recycling Facility. 




  • We supply other local businesses with skid and cardboard for reuse

  • Partnered with local recycling center to reuse skids

  • Have skids ground to mulch for community distribution

  • Have been approached by local artists about re-purposing skids for use in craft projects